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Penny Wolf / Sales

Penny has worked in the international film arena for over 25 years. She is the Managing Partner of The Film Consultancy Partners. Prior to launching her own company she was Head of Film at Goldcrest International and responsible for setting up the theatrical division. Other past positions include Executive Vice President of Peace Arch Entertainment, Managing Director of HBO Films, Head of Intentional Film Distribution at Granada Films, VP of international Sales at Capitol Films, Managing Director of Senator Films, and Director of International Sales for Vestron International. She started her career as Director of Sales for VCL Video.

Penny has worked closely with a number of filmmakers including Gus van Sant, Josh Marsten, Raol Peck, Stephen Hopkins, Todd Solondz and Tim Hetherington. She has also been a consultant to Pierce Brosnan’s Irish Dreamtime. Penny is a highly regarded speaker at film festivals and summit meetings around the world.